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Happy Flag Day, everybody. For those of you who might be from other places, this is the day Americans set aside to honor our flag. I loved the graphic of the eagle wearing his colors (and I am appreciative to Dazzlejunction.com for allowing bloggers to share it on their blogs) because these two symbols are so entertwined as symbols of American benevolence and freedom. The Eagle is a bird of prey, of great power, and yet he can symbolize either war or peace. Did you know that the direction the eagle is facing on our money and on the rugs in the White House is determined by whether the nation is at war or at peace? If the eagle is facing the arrows he holds in one talon, the the nation is at war. If he faces the olive branch he holds in the other talon, then the nation is at peace.

We are, traditionally, one of the most powerful nations in the world. Theoretically, we could wage war with just about anyone, and take whatever we wanted from smaller, less powerful nations in the world, but that isn’t what we are about. Instead we’ve become the longest lasting democracy on the planet, and in choosing to live at peace with others, and to help where we were able, we’ve become a symbol of hope and freedom for other nations. Despite our problems, and we have several notable ones, past and present, we are a family, and never do we stand more united than when we stand together to pay our respects to the flag of this great nation.  All that we are and all that we stand for flies high as a reminder wherever Old Glory waves. I would like to say a special thank you to all the men and women who have fought to defend her and everything she symbolizes. I would encourage anyone who reads this to do the same.

Ever in Peace may she wave.