The Greatest Adventure, Part 1

In the coming days, I will be publishing several posts on my adventures and misadventures as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania from 2003-2005. Today is the 9th anniversary of the day I boarded the plane to fly to Chicago for three days of staging before I took off with the 76 other people in my group to fly to Romania, where we would all live and work for the next 27 months.

My cat, Pisoiu was a gift to me from myself for my 29th birthday. Pisoiu is pronounced Pee soo, like pea soup, without the “p” on the end of soup. It means “little cat” or “kitten” in Romanian. He travelled back to the US with me when my service ended, and has been my happy, if somewhat lazy companion, since then. He has gotten much larger than he was at 11 mos old when we returned to the US together.