Well, summer has come again, and I am back to writing. Actually, I haven’t been away from writing. I can never stay away for long–not really. What I am back to doing is writing in an instantaneous digital format, without the opportunity for the extensive amount of proofreading I do with paper works. I have been working on my latest novel, finishing up a short story or two, and launching a new internet venture to raise some extra funds for the times in between. I’ve also been playing with (read keeping) my niece four days a week. My goal is to resume the once monthly posts to my blog, and eventually to increase their frequency to weekly posts. Thank you to all of you who have continued to follow the blog, and for those of you who lurk in the shadows and read without responding. I will be posting in two different categories. Mightier Than the Sword is the category I reserve for writing about life in general, and issues relevant thereto. My Stories are fictional stories I have written, which I post for fun and also for constructive feedback, which is always welcome.  Part of this process is seeking to make my writing better.  Again, thanks to all those who read and those who respond, too. Have a wonderful summer, and I’ll look forward to hearing from some of you.

Happy Summer!